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Money Minute - Wednesday 4th May 2022

Gary Lacki from Bainsford scored 3!

  1. What’s the missing season: Spring, Summer, Winter….
    A: Autumn
  2. At a petrol station, which colour is the diesel pump normally?
    A: Black
  3. Parmesan cheese is made in which country?
    A: Italy
  4. Steve Brookstein was the first winner of which TV talent show?
    A: X-Factor
  5. In Maths, what is ‘PI’ to 2 decimal places?
    A: 3.14
  6. Which Scottish shot to fame with their 1987 ‘Raintown’ album?
    A: Deacon Blue
  7. In which kids TV show was ‘PC Plum’ a character?
    A: Balamory
  8. In which English city are this year’s Commonwealth Games?
    A: Birmingham
  9. Where did Andy Murray win his first grand slam?
    A: US Open
  10. The island of Bermuda is in which ocean?
    A: Atlantic (North Atlantic)


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