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Money Minute - Tuesday 11th October 2022

WINNER: Andy Davies from Rumford takes the £500 up the Braes! 

  1. What’s name of the fairy in Peter Pan?
    A: Tinkerbell

  2. Which herb is used to make pesto?
    A: Basil

  3. Which colour is the ‘N’ in the Netflix logo?
    A: Red

  4. Name any of the Three Muskateers?
    A: Athos / Porthos / Aramis

  5. Who played Vivian in Pretty Woman?
    A: Julia Roberts

  6. Which band released the 1985 album ‘Brothers In Arms’ ?
    A: Dire Straits

  7. The Grange Burn flows through which local town?
    A: Grangemouth

  8. John Thaw portrayed which TV inspector?
    A: Morse (also Regan from The Sweeney)

  9. Which train station in Scotland is named after a novel by Sir Walter Scott?
    A: Edinburgh Waverley / Waverley

  10. The Rhineland is part of which country?
    A: Germany


Do you have what it takes to beat the money minute? Click the link below to register for your chance to play!



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