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Money Minute - Friday 26th August 2022

CONTESTANT: Carrie Drummond scored 6

  1. What does ASAP stand for?
    A: As Soon As Possible

  2. What’s 6 x 6?
    A: 36

  3. Name any Scrabble letter that’s worth 10 points?
    A: Q or Z

  4. Who was married to Tom Cruise between 1990 and 2001?
    A: Nicole Kidman

  5. Which X Factor winner’s debut song was ‘A Moment Like This’ ?
    A: Leona Lewis

  6. Which Richard wrote & directed ‘Love Actually’ ?
    A: Curtis

  7. Fort Augustus sits at the south end of which loch?
    A: Loch Ness

  8. Phil Collins rose to prominence as a singer & also playing which instrument?
    A: Drums

  9. What’s the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea?
    A: Sicily

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