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Money Minute - Monday 26th September 2022

CONTESTANT: Scott Petrie from Livingston scored a very great eight!

  1. Who recorded the songs ‘Rocket Man’ and ‘I’m Still Standing’ ?
    A: Elton John

  2. What’s 1 x 1 x 1?
    A: 1

  3. Name any of the 3 countries most commonly known as Scandinavian:
    A: Denmark / Sweden / Norway

  4. Which word can go after ‘Springer’ and ‘Cocker’ to make up a dog breed?
    A: Spaniel

  5. In which TV series was Jack Bauer played by Kiefer Sutherland?
    A: 24

  6. What’s furthest east: Stirling Castle or Blackness Castle?
    A: Blackness Castle

  7. Calamari is made from which seafood?
    A: Squid

  8. How many days are in September?
    A: 30

  9. The composer Mozart was born in the country now known as what?
    A: Austria (Salzburg)

  10. Olympus Mons is a large volcano on which planet?
    A: Mars


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