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Money Minute - Monday 29th August 2022

CONTESTANT: Alison Crumley, Polmont scored 8!

  1. Complete the well known phrase: Red Sky in the morning…
    A: Shepherd’s Warning / Sailor’s Warning

  2. How many weeks are in 2 years?
    A: 104

  3. What gemstone is a traditional gift for a 40th wedding anniversary?
    A: Ruby

  4. Which drink’s ad campaigns claim it can ‘give you wings’ ?
    A: Red Bull

  5. In which country is Copacabana beach?
    A: Brazil

  6. Which Falkirk village shares a name with a sunny US state?
    A: California

  7. What is the next major golf tournament?
    A: The Masters (in April ’23 @ Augusta)

  8. In which religion would you worship in a synagogue?
    A: Judaism

  9. In tennis, which point comes after 30?
    A: 40

  10. In food, what does ‘GM’ stand for?
    A: Genetically Modified

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