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Money Minute - Wednesday 17th August 2022

CONTESTANT: Craig Wilson, Falkirk scored 3

  1. If the school day starts at 9am and finishes at 3pm, how long does it last?
    A: 6 hours

  2. Which paper size is bigger: A4 or A5?
    A: A4

  3. Jasmine Harman & Jean Johansson are both presenters of which house hunting show?
    A: A Place in the Sun

  4. Which ‘P’ is a series of sentences that normally cover the same topic?
    A: Paragraph

  5. Usain Bolt holds the world 100m record, but with which time?
    A: 9.58 seconds (set in 2009)

  6. A ‘double dribble’ is an illegal action in which sport?
    A: Basketball

  7. Which movement won the Battle of Falkirk Muir?
    A: The Jacobites

  8. Which American city is famous for its ‘Tea Party’ in 1773?
    A: Boston

  9. A ‘heliograph’ transmits signals using what?
    A: Sunlight / will accept ‘Sun’

  10. In which month will the first school term end?
    A: October


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